044 =soothill

044 =soothill
The twelve aspects of the bhūtatathhatā or the ultimate, which is also styled the 十二無為 "inactive" or nirvana-like: and the 十二空 "void" or immaterial:
(1) The chen ju itself;
(2) 法界 as the medium of all things;
(3) 法性 as the nature of all things;
(4) 不虛妄性 its reality contra the unreality of phenomena;
(5) 不變異性 its immutability contra mortality and phenomenal variation;
(6) 平等性 as universal or undifferentiated;
(7) 離生性 as immortal, i.e. apart from birth and death, or creation and destruction;
(8) 法定 as eternal, its nature ever sure;
(9) 法住 as the abode of all things;
(10) 實際 as the bounds of all reality;
(11) 虛空界 as the realm of space, the void, or immateriality;
(12)不思議界 as the realm beyond thought or expression.

Chinese Buddhist terms dictionary (Chinese-English). . 2006.

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